Import of goods

The service of registration of imported goods, materials and components is always relevant and in demand. It represents a whole range of measures that are required to move cargo across the border. This is a complex process that requires the preparation of an extensive package of documents.

Clearing customs takes time, and errors in the procedure can cause even greater downtime and additional checks. It is better to entrust customs clearance to specialized specialists who will coordinate all the documentation and calculate the costs in advance. The transport company Kartex SF Company KFT has been providing this service to its customers for over 10 years. We know all the intricacies of import registration, are responsible to the regulatory authorities and provide guarantees.

Price calculation

Each cargo transportation is individual, so we will help you calculate the cost of your delivery

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We offer optimal solutions for any of your projects

The cost of transportation depends directly on several factors

  • Departure country
  • Cargo volume
  • Cargo type
  • Cargo weight

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