Export of goods

Selling products on foreign markets requires knowledge of numerous organizational and legal issues, which take a lot of time to study. The task is complicated by the fact that legislative norms are periodically updated, and with them the procedure for passing the procedure changes.

The best solution for an exporting organization is to turn to narrow-profile specialists who quickly and professionally process export goods. Transport company Promsnabs has been providing this service for over 10 years and knows all its subtleties.

Advantage of contacting Kartex SF Company KFT

The service price depends on many factors and is calculated individually. Fill out an application on the website and we will send you a personal offer! If you have questions, ask them by phone or send a request on the website!

Price calculation

Each cargo transportation is individual, so we will help you calculate the cost of your delivery

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We offer optimal solutions for any of your projects

The cost of transportation depends directly on several factors

  • Departure country
  • Cargo volume
  • Cargo type
  • Cargo weight

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